KOI Programming with KittenBlock QuickStart

KOI can also be programmed using KittenBlock.

Connecting the KOI

First, we need to establish connection with the KOI in KittenBlock.

Connect your KOI to the computer using a USB cable.

Select KOI from the hardware selector.


Click “Connect” or click the exclamation mark icon.


Click “Connect”.


Wait for a few seconds.


Test the connection by clicking on any block.


KOI Programming on KittenBlock Guide

Basic Operations


Sample Program


Image Classifier


Sample Program

Model Training


Image Classification


Face Detection


Sample Program


Geometric Shapes Detection


Sample Program


Color Tracking


Sample Program


Barcode and QR code Scanner


Sample Program


Voice Recognition


Sample Program




Sample Program


Face Recognition(Requires Internet Connection)


Sample Program




1. Clicking on the blocks has no effect after connecting the KOI.

The firmware may be outdated, use the firmware update function to undate the firmware.

2. Running the image classifier returns an undefined error.

The Classifier hasn’t been reset, reset the classifier and try again.

3. Can I upload the program to run on the KOI?

Yes, the KOI will run the main.py on startup.