Meowbit & Turtle(Kittenblock)

Turtle Academy is a programming tool designed for children, Turtle is also available on Meowbit in Kittenblock.

Kittenblock Coding Tutorial


Blocks for controlling Turtle

../_images/kb16_1.png ../_images/kb16_2.png

Turtle Movements and Filling


Press up to begin filling, press A to go forwards, use Left and Right to turn and press down to complete the filling.

Setting Coordinates and Drawing Circles


Setting the coordinates and drawing a circle with a radius of 20 pixels.

Drawing dots and clearing the screen.

Clearing the screen also clears the background.


Pen Up and Pen Down

Any movement of the turtle would draw a line if the pen is down. We can use pen up to avoid this.


Using Pen Up and Pen Down, it can draw 2 serperate lines.