Robotbit Shield

The Robotbit Shield is designed to facilitate the use of modules with a PH2.0 connector by adapting the Dupont connectors into 3PIN and 4Pin PH2.0 connectors, removing the need to use a conversion cable.


Installing the Robotbot Shield



Robotbit Shield Breakdown Diagram


1: PH2.0 4PIN I2C Port

2~9: PH2.0 3PIN Ports

10: PH2.0 4PIN Port, identical to Port 2 of Armourbit

11: Dupont 4PIN I2C Port

12: Voltage Selector, switches the voltage at pin 0-2 to be 3.3V or 5V

13: Dupont 3PIN Port, VCC voltage can be switched by the selector

14: Power Indicator


15: 8PIN Female Connector, connects to the IO pins on the Robotbit

16: 2x2 5V Female Connector, connects to the 5V pins on the Robotbit

17: 4PIN Female Connector, connects to the I2C pins on the Robotbit

Attention: All PH2.0 ports have a voltage of 3.3V