FutureBoard and KittenBlock Quick Start Guide

KittenBlock is the main programming platform for FutureBoard.

Download KittenBlock: Installing Kittenblock


Establishing Connection with FutureBoard

The FutureBoard needs to be connected on KittenBlock before coding.

1. Connect the FutureBoard to the PC using the provided cable.


2. Select FutureBoard from the list.


3. Click on the exclamation mark and select the FutureBoard.


The connection should be finished in a few seconds.


After a few seconds, the text ‘hello world’ will be displayed on the screen.


Windows 7 users may require an additional driver, please refer to the last section on this page.

4. Testing the connection

The FutureBoard should react immediately after clicking on any blocks on KittenBlock.



You may need to update the firmware if there is no reaction.


Kittenblock Coding Quick Start

1. Onboard Sensors


2. Buzzer


3. Display


4. Turtle


5. Pins


6. Neopixel


7. Microphone


8. WiFi & IoT


9. Wireless Radio


10. Robotbit


11. Basic Sensors


12. HK Observatory API


Windows 7 Drivers

For Windows 7 users, please download and install the following drivers;.

Futureboard Driver Windows 7