KittenCode Introduction



KittenCode is an upcoming programming platform for Python programming designed by Kittenbot. KittenCode runs on Python3.7 and it can run imported modules, KittenCode also supports programming of Kittenbot products, including Micro:bit, Meowbit, KOI and Futureboard.

Python programming has been gaining importance in STEM education as the HKEDB has already designated Python as the official programming language for the HKDSE.

Python has a clearer and more consise structure than other programming languages so it is easier to learn. Python is also the backbone of many AI and Deep Learning applications, it is a great time to start learning Python!



  • Supports REPL mode

    • REPL allows the real time execution of code

  • Supports MicroPython

    • Supports Micro:bit, Meowbit, KOI, FutureBoard

    • Supports both real time online coding or uploading the code for offline use

  • Supports Python Repositories

    • Can use pip install to install python repositories

  • Clean User Interface

  • Login to KZone and share your codes