This is a radio module capable of receiving FM radio signals.

It has a standard 3.5mm audio plug for audio out and pin holes for use with plastic building bricks.

Product Specifications

  • Voltage: 2.5V~5V

  • Type: I2C Module

  • Connector: 4Pin PH2.0

  • Frequency Range: 76MHz~108MHz

  • Antenna Connector: 3.5mm

  • Audio Connector: 3.5mm

  • Size: 43mm x 43mm x 24mm

Product Showcase







First connect the antenna and speakers to the respective connector.

Speakers/earphones are not included with this product.



Connect the supplied cable to the module.


Connect the Dupont connectors to the I2C port on Robotbit.

White to SCL, Green to SDA.




Connect the supplied cabl to the module.


Connect the other end of the cable to the I2C port of Amorbit.


MakeCode Programming Tutorial



This module can be used with Micro:bit or Meowbit.

Import KittenRadio Extension for MakeCode:

Importing Extensions

Programming Blocks for KittenRadio



Microbit Sample Program:


Sample Program

Meowbit Sample Program:


Sample Program

Demonstration Video



Extension Version and Updates

There may be updates to extensions periodically, please refer to the following link to update/downgrade your extension.

Makecode Extension Update