Programming with MicroPython: ASR Voice Recognition Module

Import ASR Library

Import SugarASR library to make use of its functions.

from sugar_asr import SugarASR

15: ASR Voice Recognition Module

Initiate ASR Module

asr = SugarASR(tx, rx)

Creates an ASR object.

  • tx: Tx Pin, use “P2” for Robotbit Edu.

  • rx: Rx Pin, use “P12” for Robotbit Edu.

ASR Triggered State


Returns the state of ASR module. Returns true when a command is heard, false when a command is not heard.

Get ASR Command


Returns the command ID for the voice command heard by the ASR. Refer to the following table for a list of commands.


ASR Play Speech


Plays the speech indicated by the ID.


ASR Say Number

asr.tts_int(1) #Integer
asr.tts_double(1.1) #Double, maximum 2 decimal digits

Say the number provided.

ASR Say Time

asr.tts_clock(hour, min)

Say the time provided.