Meowbit Kittenblock Coding Quickstart

Kittenblock is a programming platform designed for teenagers, it is another major programming platform for Meowbit.


Connect Meowbit to Kittenblock

Establishing a connection between Meowbit and Kittenblock is required to program Meowbit from Kittenblock.

1. Connect Meowbit to computer and enter upload mode.

  • Hold button A and turn on the power.


A device called Arcade-F4 would appear.


2. Open Kittenblock and select Meowbit from the Hardware Menu.


3. Flash the firmware.



A device called PYBFLASH would appear.


If the device is called USB Drive, hold down B and press reset.

4. Click the Exclamation Mark Icon and click Connect.



A string will be displayed on Meowbit to notify it is connected to Kittenblock.

Kittenblock Coding Tutorial



Inputs and Sensors

../_images/kb10_1.png ../_images/kb10_2.png


../_images/kb11_1.png ../_images/kb11_2.png



IO Pins







../_images/kb16_1.png ../_images/kb16_2.png

Serial Communication