Programming with MicroPython: I2S Microphone

Import FutureBoard Library

Import the Library to make use of its functions.

from future import *

09: I2S Microphone

Import I2S Library

import audio

1. Initiate the Microphone


2. Get Loudness


Returns the detected loudness, values ranges from 0~4095.

3. Voice Recognition


Voice Recognition requires Internet Connection.

Set the recognition length in seconds with parameter sec, recommended length is 1~3.

4 languages are supported currently, put the code into the vid parameter.

  1. 1537: Putonghua

  2. 1737: English

  3. 1637: Cantonese

  4. 1837: Szechuan Dialect

Sample Program: Loudness

import time
import audio
au = audio.Audio() 

while 1:

Sample Program

from future import *

import audio
au = audio.Audio()

wifi.connect("", "")
screen.text(au.recognize(vid=1737, sec=2),5,10,1,(0, 119, 255))