Kittenblock Main UI

Kittenblock Main UI

This is the Main UI of Kittenblock, the most frequently used functions will be discussed here.

Kittenblock 1.84Z


Kittenblock 1.85R


Kittenblock Toolbar

Let’s take a close look at the toolbar on the top of Kittenblock.


1. Log In to Kittenblock

Log in or create your Kittenblock account.

Logging in allows you to:

  1. use Kittenbot’s cloud IoT server.

  2. freely use Kittenbot’s AI functions.

  3. share your project with others on the forum.

  4. save the project on the cloud.


2. Select Language


3. Select Hardware


4. Connect to Hardware


5. Sample Programs


6. Firmware Upgrade


7. Edit Project Name


8. Save and Load


9. IoT Local Server



11. Coding Area Screenshot


12. Switch to coding mode



13. Settings