4. Y-Balance Test

Measure the Y-Balance distance and upload to IoT platform.


Building Instructions

Building Instructions





Sample Program



Sample Program



Sample Program



Sample Program



Sample Program


  1. Make a big Y with tape on the ground. (Approx. 1m for each sid)

  2. Place the corresponding sensor on the end of each line(F,L,R).

  3. Place a little box on the center of the Y.

  4. The system measures the Front, Left and then Right, the controller will show the current mode.

  5. Press A on the controller to set a baseline on the current mode.

  6. Ask the user to push the box with his/her feet along the line, press B on the controller when the user reaches the limit.

  7. Press A+B to switch modes.

  8. Repeat until all 3 lines are measured, press the button module to upload the data onto MakerCloud.