Robotbit Robot Arm


Make a robotic arm controlled by 4 high torque servos with this kit.

Kit Contents


  1. Robotbit Edu x1

  2. 18650 Lithium Ion Battery x1

  3. MG995 Metal Servo x4

  4. M3x8 Screws x28

  5. M3x6 Screw x18

  6. M3 Nuts x24

  7. Bearing x2

  8. Servo Turning Plate x4

  9. Claw x1

  10. Base x1

  11. Right Angle Plate x1

  12. U Plate x2

  13. Servo Mounts x2

Special Features

  • Using high torque servos to allow a stable and strong grip

  • Learn the concepts of levers by studying the mechanism

  • Improve motor skills by building the robotic arm

Assembly Instructions

Instuction Manual


Instrucion Video


Robotbit EDU


Robotbit 2.2



Sample Program

Servo Calibration


Servo Calibration

Robot Arm


Robot Arm

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