Programming with MicroPython: Network Time Protocol

Import FutureBoard Library

Import the Library to make use of its functions.

from future import *

08: Network Time Protocol

Import NTP Library

from machine import RTC
import ntptime

1. Initiate the Real Time Clock

rtc = RTC()

2. Sync with Network Time


Parameter zone is for GMT, default is 8.

3. Get the current time


Returns a list containing the current time, [year, month, day, week, hour, minute, second].

Sample Program

# Displays the current time

from future import *

import ntptime

from machine import RTC
rtc = RTC()

from time import sleep

wifi.connect(str("wifi"), "password")
screen.sync = 0
while True:
  screen.fill((0, 0, 0))
  screen.text("Time:",5,10,2,(0, 119, 255))
  screen.text(str(rtc.datetime()[int(4)])+str(str(":")+str(rtc.datetime()[int(5)])),5,40,3,(0, 119, 255))