Industry 4.0 Conveyor Belt


Industry 4.0 Conveyor Belt simulates a factory conveyor belt transporting goods, the rfid sensor detects the rfid chip on the product and updates the information on the IoT platform.

Special Features

  • Based on block programming for Micro:bit, suitable for beginners

  • High expandability due to use of plastic building bricks

  • Supports both MakeCode and KittenBlock programming

  • Applies Industry 4.0 concepts such as IoT, automation

Kit Contents

  • Robotbit Edu Expansion Board x1

  • Plastic Building Bricks x1

  • GeekServo 2KG Motor x1

  • WifiBrick x1

  • Powerbrick RFID Module x1

  • 18650 Battery x1

  • RFID Chips x5

Demo Video


Demo Video