Mecanum Wheel Robot 2KG

Mecanum Wheel Robot is the upgraded version of the Mecannum Wheel Robot, this version uses 4 Geekservo 2KG motors to provide more speed and power to the robot.


Speical Features

  • Supports graphical programming for Micro:bit

  • Compatible with plastic building bricks for high expandability

  • Omni-directional movement, unique and highly flexible

  • Powerful thanks to its 2KG Geekservo Motors

  • Supports MakeCode and Kittenblock

Kit Contents

  • Robotbit Edu x1

  • Plastic Building Brick Set x1

  • GeekServo 2KG Motor x4

  • Mecanum Wheel x4

  • GeekServo O360 Motor x1

  • 18650 Lithium Ion Battery x1

  • Turret Expansion Set x1 (Optional)

  • Joyfrog Controller (Optional)

Product Showcase