RGB LED Matrix

RGB LED Matrix (HKBM8012J)


This is a 8x8 RGB LED Matrix, each LED can be controlled individually. Supports daisy chaining to create larger screens, making the display even more appealing.




  • Voltage: 3V-5V

  • Dimensions: 56mm X 56mm X 16mm

  • Connector: 4Pin PH2.0

  • Resolution: 8x8 RGB


  • There are 2 ports on the module, one for input and one for output. Connect the input port to the Armourbit.

  • When connecting more than 1 modules, connect the output port of the first module to the input of the second module.

  • The battery box supports up to 4 modules in daisy chain. Connect an external power supply or lower the brightness if more is needed.

  • Beware of cooling when using the module for long periods of time.

Connecting the module

Connect the RGB Module to Armourbit with a 4Pin cable.



MakeCode Coding Tutorial


Powerbrick Extension: https://github.com/KittenBot/pxt-powerbrick

Loading Extensions

RGB Matrix Blocks



Lighting up with a single color


Sample Code Link

Lighting up with a rainbow color


Sample Code Link

Lighting up individual pixels


Sample Code Link

Showing a pattern


Sample Code Link

Makecode Tutorial Video


Tutorial for daisy chaining and graphical editor

Daisy chaining creates a bigger screen.

Daisy Chaining

Connect the “OUT” of matrix A to the “IN” of matrix B.


NeoMatrix Graphical editor is supported for daisy chaining.

NeoMatrix Tutorial

Daisy Chaining Showcase


Extension Version and Updates

There may be updates to extensions periodically, please refer to the following link to update/downgrade your extension.

Makecode Extension Update

KittenBlock Coding Tutorial


Load Powerbrick Extension

Select Powerbrick from the hardware column.


RGB Matrix Blocks


Lighting up individual pixels


Sample Code Download

The module uses RGB color, you can convert HSV to RGB using this block.



1:Why is there no reaction when I click the blocks?

Make sure you have connected the Micro:bit correctly and flash the firmware again.