RGB LED Screen

08x32RGB LED Screen (HKBM8008A) / 16x16RGB LED Screen (HKBM8009A)

Product Description

This is a soft screen with RGB LEDs, it is easily portable and fexible. Graphical programming is possible with our official extension.



Product Feautures

  • Graphical Programming Interface

  • Modularity, supports daisy chaining of multiple screens

  • Can be powered externally

  • Lightweight

  • Flexibility

Product Information

8x32 RGB LED Screen(HKBM8008A)

  • Dimensions:320mm x 80mm x2mm

  • Weight:55g

  • Material:Soft copper

  • 256 RGB LEDs

16x16 RGB LED Screen(HKBM8009A)

  • Dimensions:160mm x 160mm x2mm

  • Weight:55g

  • Material:Soft copper

  • 256 RGB LEDs


1xRGB LED Screen(16x16 or 32x8)



Each LED screen comes with an adapter. The adpater helps you connect the screen with the Robotbit by providing dupont cables and a 5V USB power input. For prolonged usage, the power connector can replace the 18650 Li-ion battery on the robotbit, sustaining a stable power supply without damaging the Robotbit.


Product Showcase



  • Voltage:5V

  • Current:1A, USB power is recommended for prolonged use

  • Wattage: 0.3W

  • Material:Soft copper

  • Brightness gradient:256

  • Lumen:120