Water Level Sensor

Water Level Sensor (HKBM8012G)


This is a water level sensor which can detect the presence of water and the water level. The reading is high when the water level is high.




  • If the sensor is not in use for a long time, please store in a dry container to prevent oxidation due to moisture.

  • A warning line is printed on the module, do not insert the sensor deeper than this line as this may cause damage to the circuitry.

Connecting the module

Connect the Environment Module to Armourbit with a 4Pin cable first, then connect the sensor to the module with a 3Pin cable.


MakeCode Coding Tutorial


Powerbrick Extension: https://github.com/KittenBot/pxt-powerbrick

Loading Extensions

Environment Module Blocks:


Detecting water level


Sample Code Link

MakeCode Tutorial Video


Extension Version and Updates

There may be updates to extensions periodically, please refer to the following link to update/downgrade your extension.

Makecode Extension Update

KittenBlock Coding Tutorial


Load Powerbrick Extension

Select Powerbrick from the hardware column.


Environment Module Blocks


Detecting water level


Sample Code Download


1:Why is there no reaction when I click the blocks?

Make sure you have connected the Micro:bit correctly and flash the firmware again.