Mecanum Wheel Robotic Car Kit

Mecanum Wheel Robotic Car(Basic) (HKBK8021A)

Mecanum Wheel Robotic Car(Shooter) (HKBK8032B)




Product Information

Mecanum Wheel Robotic Car is an advanced educational kit for BBC Micro:bit. Mecanum Wheels have the unique ability of omnidirectional movement, allowing extremely flexible and agile robots to be made, as these wheels are able to traverse tight and narrow spaces.

There are 2 versions of this kit, the Shooter version comes with extra building blocks to build a turret capable of shooting rubber bands. It also comes with a JoyFrog controller for finer and more precise control.

Package Contents


  • Robotbit Expansion Board x1

  • GeekServo 9G Motor x4

  • Mecanum Wheel x4

  • Mecanum Wheel Adapter x4

  • Building Blocks Set x1

  • 18650 Lithium Battery x1

  • USB Cablex1

  • Microbit Silicon Case x1

  • GeekServo 9G Servo x1 (Shooter Version)

  • GeekServo 360 Servo x1 (Shooter Version)

  • Extra Building Blocks Set x1 (Shooter Version)

  • JoyFrog x1 (Shooter Version)

  • Battery Box x1 (Shooter Version)

  • Rubber Band x1 (Shooter Version)

Product Features

  • Block-based programming makes it easy to learn

  • Compatible with major brands of plastic building bricks

  • Highly agile movement

  • Supports MakeCode or Kittenblock

Product Dimensions

  • Package Size:251x182x81mm

  • Weight:880g(Basic),1140g(Shooter)

  • Mecanum Wheel Diameter:64mm

Demo Video