Characters and Backdrops

Characters and backdrops can be edited.

Characters Editing


1. Parameters

Set the parameters such as position, size, rotation.


2. Characters Selection

Select different characters here.


3. Characters Editor

We can add new characters via this menu.


3.1 Premade Characters

Select from a list of premade characters.



3.2 Creating Characters

You can draw a custom character.



3.3 Surprise

Gets a random character.


3.4 Upload a character

Upload a sprite to make a custom character.


Backdrop Editor


1. 背景選擇

Select backdrops here.


2. Adding backdrops

Add backdrops via this menu.


2.1 Premade Backdrops

Select from the premade backdrops.



2.2 Drawing a custom backdrop

You can draw a custom backdrop.



2.3 Surprise

Get a random backdrop.


2.4 Upload backdrop

Upload an image to use as a backdrop.