Newbit Arcade Shield


With the improved capabiliies of Micro:bit V2, it is now possible for Micro:bit V2 to run MakeCode Arcade games. To support this feature, KittenBot has developed the Newbit Arcade Shield to provide a screen and input buttons so that Micro:bit V2 can be used for game programming. The shield can also act as a remote controller as well.

Product Specifications

Dimensions: 115 x 65 x 17.5 mm Weight: 35g Power: Micro USB(5V)/Lithium Battery Pack(3.7V) Onboard Resources: 160*128 TFT Screen, Directional Buttons *4, AB Buttons, 3Pin 金手指, Micro USB供電/充電接口, JacDac接口, 電源指示燈

Product Details


Programming Tutorial

Open a New Project



Open the “About” Menu



Click “Experiments”


Enable”Experimental Hardware”

This setting only needs to be enabled once, it will remain turned on afterwards


Open the Hardware Menu


Select “N3”


Download the hex file to Micro:bit


Turn on the Power