IOBit Expansion Board



IOBit is a basic expansion board designed for Micro:bit, as the name suggests, IOBit makes the all IO pins of the Micro:bit accessible.

Product Details

IOBit is a low cost expansion board for Micro:bit, it extends all the IO pins of the Micro:bit into Dupont connectors for easy access. IOBit is equipped with a buzzer and a 3.5mm audio jack for making sounds with Micro:bit. It also has a power port to supply 3V or 5V power to your hardware. The edge connectors of the Micro:bit is preserved for users familiar with using crcodile clips.

Special Features

  1. Converts the edge connectors pins of the Micro:bit to the standard 3 pin format. The singal, vcc and gnd pins can be distinguished by their colors.

  2. Equipped with short circuit protection and a resettable fuse, avoiding dangers such as short circuiting because of incorrect connection.

  3. Preserves the 3 pin edge connector of the Micro:bit, allowing users who are used to this system to use the board.

  4. 2 pin holes compatible with standard Lego Technic pins allow easy integration of the expansion board to your robotic projects.


  • Dimensions: 56.8x44x12 mm

  • Power Input: USB 5V/Micro:bit Battery Box 3V

  • Power Output: 3.3V~5V, maximum 1A


Built-in devices

  • 3 Pin IO Edge Connector

  • Buzzer and toggle switch

  • 3.5mm audio jack

  • 5V USB Port

  • Power switch

5V Input


  1. Plug in a USB power supply

  2. Press the power switch

  3. The power indicator will light up

  4. The 5V pins can now be used.

P0 Buzzer Toggle


Pin 0 is occupied by the buzzer, use this switch to togglebuzzer on or off

Demo Video



  1. Do not use high current devices, large servos or motors with this board, as this may result it damaging the Micro:bit.

  2. The 5V power supply is able to run multiple small servos as long as the total current is less than 1A.

  3. Using Pin 0 requires the buzzer to be switched off or the buzzer may buzz erratically.

  4. Since Pin 3 to Pin 11 are used by Micro:bit’s LED Matrix, the matrix needs to be turned off or it may light up erratically.

  5. Do not connect to a USB power with current exceeding 1A.