GeekServo 2KG Servo

2KG Servo (HKBD8008A)


This is a servo compatible with Lego technic parts, compared to 9g Servos, it can produce a higher torque. The output axle is a Lego technic axle connector. It is suitable for applications where a precise control is required.


  • Operating Voltage: 3.3V~6V

  • Rated Voltage: 4.8V

  • Rated Current: 70mA

  • Blocked Rotor Current: 900mA

  • Slipping Current: 700mA

  • Maximum Torque: 1.6kg±0.2kg/cm(4.8V)

  • Rotational Speed: 60°/0.14s

  • Rotational Range: 0°~360°

  • Weight: 20g

  • Connector: Orange-Red-Brown Servo Connector

Special Features


Inherits the special features of the 9g servo while improving torque and speed at the same time.

  • Uses an axle connector for output

    • Allows connecting axles of different lengths to better suit your needs

  • Dual Outputs

    • Output axles are found on both sides

  • Larger rotational range

    • Has a full 360° range

  • Higher Torque

    • About 3 times the torque of a 9g servo


In Lego units:

  • Length: 5

  • Width: 3

  • Height: 3

  • Output Axle: Technic Axle

In mm units:

  • Length: 40mm

  • Width: 24mm

  • Height: 24mm

  • Output Axle: Technic Axle




Connect the servo to the servo ports of the Armourbit.


Orange to Yellow, Red to Red, Brown to Black.


Connect the servo to the servo ports of the Robotbit.



Orange to Yellow, Red to Red, Brown to Black.

MakeCode Coding Tutorial



This module can be used by Micro:bit and Meowbit.

The programming for ArmourBit and Robotbit are identical.


Load Powerbrick Extension:

Loading Extension


Load Robotbit Extension:


Blocks for controlling servos:


Programming the servos


Sample Code Link


Load Robotbit Extension:

Loading Extensions

Blocks for controlling motors:


Programming the motors


Sample Code Link

Extension Version and Updates

There may be updates to extensions periodically, please refer to the following link to update/downgrade your extension.

Makecode Extension Update

KittenBlock Coding Tutorial



Load Powerbrick extension

Select Powerbrick from the Hardware Menu.


Blocks for controlling servos:


Programming the servos:



Load Robotbit Extension

Open the hardware menu and select Micro:bit to load the extension for Micro:bit and Robotbit.


Blocks for controlling servos:


Programming the servos



1: The Micro:bit does not react when I click the programming blocks.

Make sure the Micro:bit has been connected to the Kittenblock and then try flashing the firmware.