AIOT Starter Kit

AIoT Starter Kit (HKBK8036A)


Target Users

  • Training Institutes/ Schools

Product Description

AIoT Starter Kit is an educational kit designed for BBC Micro:bit, the kit combines Artificial Intelligence(AI) and Internet of Things(AIoT), into AIoT.

With concrete examples of AI and IoT applications brought to reality using KittenBlock, students can easily grasp the concepts of AI and IoT.

Through the 10 use case examples, students will have hands-on experience in creating scenarios and use cases to further their understanding of AI and IoT,thus linking these concepts into their daily lives.

This kit aims to prepare students for the future society where AI and IoT dominates by letting students experience these hot topics through meaningful use cases.

Special Features

  • Authentic AI Experience: Face Recognition, License Plate Recognition, Machine Learning

  • Based on local IoT server in KittenBlock: Easy to use and teach, while avoiding internet issues.

  • 10 use case scenarios can be built

Product Contents

  • Armourbit Expansion Board x1

  • GeekServo 2KG Servo x2

  • Wifibrick x1

  • Color&Gesture Module x1

  • Environment Module x1

  • Ultrasound Module x1

  • Soil Moisture Module x1

  • Water Level Module x1

  • Battey Box x1

  • 18650 Battery x1

  • GeekServo Fan Module x1

  • All in One Water Pump x1

  • 4PIN Cables x4

  • 3PIN Cable x1

  • USB Cable x1

  • Plastic Building Bricks x1

  • Instruction Manual x1

Product Specifications

  • Programming Platform: Kittenblock

  • Main Controller: Micro:bit

  • Battery: 18650 Lithium Ion Battery(3.7V~4.2V)

  • Cables: 4Pin/3Pin PH2.0 Cables

  • Package Dimension: 245.5x176x91 mm

AI Functions Showcase

  • Face Recognition

  • License Plate Recognition

  • Machine Learning

Use Case Examples

  • Automated Parking Lot: By using License Plate Recognition, the entrance and exit time can be recorded, automated paying is simulated.


  • Private Gate: By using face recognition, the gate only opens to authorized persons.


  • Smart Road Lamp: The brightness is automatically adjusted to the environment brightness to save energy and reduce light pollution.


  • Smart Bin: A contactless rubbish bin ensures hygiene, the bin can also warn the workers when it is full.


  • Weather Station: Temperature and Moisture data is uploaded to IoT platform for analyzing.


  • Smart Bedroom: By connecting home appliances to the IoT network, home appliances can be controlled remotely.


  • Smart Hanger: Clothes hanger that automatically retracts when raining.


  • Smart Irrigation: Plants are monitored by the irrigator, plant health is recorded onto IoT platform.


  • Rock Paper Scissors: Using Machine Learning, train a machine that can play Rock Paper Scissors with you.


  • Smart Dumbbell: Exercise data is recorded onto the IoT platform.