IR Line Trace Module

IR Line Trace Module (HKBM8012B)


This is an infra red line tracing module, it has 2 line tracing sensors.

The LEDs on the back turn off when a black line is detected.





  • Voltage: 3V-5V

  • Dimensions: 56mm X 24mm X 16mm

  • Connector: 4Pin PH2.0


  • The module should be as close to the ground as possible.

  • The ground or table must have a non-reflective surface.

Connecting the module

Connect the Line Trace Module to Armourbit with a 4Pin cable.


MakeCode Coding Tutorial


Powerbrick Extension:

Loading Extensions

Line Trace Module Blocks


Tracing black lines


Sample Code Link

Makecode Tutorial Video


Extension Version and Updates

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Makecode Extension Update

KittenBlock Coding Tutorial


Load Powerbrick Extension

Select Powerbrick from the hardware column.


Line Trace Module Blocks


Tracing black lines


Sample Code Download


1:Why is there no reaction when I click the blocks?

Make sure you have connected the Micro:bit correctly and flash the firmware again.