IoT Make Easy Smart Home Education Kit

IoT Make Easy Smart Home is an education kit based around the concept of IoT and smart home. Four example use cases is included with topics focusing on Bathroom, Kitchen and Windows.

KittenBot aims to teach students the working principles of common household IoT appliances and to increase their awareness for household safety.


Special Features

  • IoT for beginners

    • Students can easily grasp the concepts of IoT

  • Hands on construction

    • Students can understand the working principle of common appliances

  • Graphical Programming Interface

    • Lowers the entry barrier for beginners

  • Supports IFTTT

    • Develop smart applications using IFTTT

  • Adopts Sugar Series

    • No more wiring issues

  • Adopts Robotbit Edu

    • No more wiring issues

Kit Set Contents


  • Futureboard /Micro:bit x1 (Optional)

  • WifiBrick (For Micro:bit only)

  • 4Pin to Dupont Cable (For Micro:bit only)

  • Robotbit Edu x1

  • 18650 Lithium Ion Battery x1

  • GeekServo 9G Servo x1

  • Sugar Magnet Sensor x1

  • Sugar Infrared Sensor x1

  • Sugar Flame Sensor x1

  • Sugar PIR Sensor x1

  • Sugar Rain/Water Sensor x1

  • Sugar Environment Module x1

  • All In One Water Tank+Pump x1

  • 3D Printed Part x1

  • Plastic Building Bricks Bag x1

  • Mini Magnet x1

  • 3Pin Cable x2

  • 4Pin Cable x1

Examples Showcase

Remote Security Door

Control the opening and closing of the window through an IoT platform.



Demonstration Video

Anti-spilling Sink

The system will send an alert to the user if the water level is over limit.



Demonstration Video

Safety Bathtub

If the user faints when taking a bath, the system sends an alert to the family members.



Demonstration Video

Safety Gas Stove

System will send an alert to the user when fire breaks out and will put out the fire.



Demonstration Video